stand for something, or fall for anything

»  Heart of the Wolf Organization:

        "Our mission is to get Humans to live with Wolves peacefully."


»  The Tiffany Weirbach Melanoma Foundation:

        "To Inform, Educate, and Help Those in Need..."


»  Make A Child Smile Organization:

         "To provide emotional and financial support to families whose children suffer from life-threatening illnesses."


»  Animal Oncology Consultation Service:

        "Dr. Alice Villalobos has worked to elevate the care of animals by raising the standard of cancer treatment available to them and providing care for thousands of homeless pets.  Through creations like the Coast Pet Clinic of Hermosa Beach, the Animal Oncology Consultation Service and the Veterinary Cancer Society, all of which help pets receive the same standard of cancer care as humans, and the Peter Zippi Fund for Animals, which has enabled more than 10,000 homeless pets to receive care, Villalobos has made her mark on the veterinary industry."

        310-379-8440  Please call for info. on treatment and, even more important, how to PREVENT cancer in your pet.  To learn more about the pioneering work of Dr. Villalobos simply perform a search on Google.  

        "Thank you so much for trying to help my li'l baby Sandra, Dr. V---the world needs loving pioneers like you...please keep going! Jodie York"


»  Voices For Children:

        "Voices For Children provides services and advocacy for abused and neglected children.



»  Michael Parenti Political Archive:

        “Here at home and throughout the world people are fighting back against the forces of wealth, privilege, and militarism — some because they have no choice, others because they would choose no other course but the one that leads to peace and justice.”


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