May 24, 2000 

Motorcycle road racer and athlete Jodie York scored a pair of wins during the May round of Toyota Cup roadracing competition at Willow Springs International Raceway. According to Willow Springs Motorcycle Club manager Kenny Kopecky, York's victories were the first time a woman has won multiple production-based motorcycle races at Willow Springs. with La Vaughn Montgomery-Daniel having won a 500 Superstock race back in January 1996. "Jodie is only the third woman in this club's history to have ever won a race in any class." 

In both races, York led from the start and opened up a commanding lead, which was never challenged. Kopecky continued, "With that pair of wins, Jodie has definitely shown she's a serious contender for the class championships in both series." York's victories are all the more remarkable in that she soundly dominated both the Modified Production and Superstock classes in the 500cc category. "Many of the machines in the modified production class have built-up engines and use high-traction racing slicks," commented the former owner of Jodie's 500cc racebike, Jay McDaniel. "Other than a racing exhaust system, the machine we built for Jodie is completely stock. Even the tires are a street compound. She's just an incredibly talented rider. As long as the bike is running well, she'll always be competitive." 

When asked about the two races, York said, "I wasn't willing to settle for second place, so I rode both races as hard as I could. I didn't know who was behind me and I didn't want to open the door for anyone." York attributes her speed to a smooth riding style and lots of practice. "I put in a lot of time riding, trying to perfect my technique. I try to be very relaxed on the bike, especially at Willow, which is a very high-speed track." 

York's victories, which follow a pair of second place finishes in last months competition, are another indication that women are slowly but surely increasing in numbers in all phases of motorcycling. "I ride a cruiser on the street," York continued. "It's an entirely different type of ride, very relaxing and stylish, which suits me. I like racing-style bikes, but they can only be ridden to their potential on the track. The cruiser lets me enjoy myself without feeling any pressure to open it up." Asked how she felt her winning performances might affect women's involvement in motorcycling, she commented, "A motorcycle doesn't know or care what color your skin is, how old you are, or what your gender is. If more women start riding because they see me winning on the racetrack, I think that's great. Motorcycling is a terrific experience in every sense. I'd love to see more people involved." 

Jodie York will be competing at Willow Springs International Raceway, where motorcycle races are held the third Sunday of every month, year-round.